Collate…. Collaborate…. Connect… Create…

project based learning, theme based activities and above all an integrated approach that is adopted in the school to ensure that physical, social, emotional, cultural and moral development of the child go hand in hand with the scholastic development of the child.

Technology aided learning, team building, leadership training, are some of the important 21st century learning skills that are nurtured from a very early age. Independent thinking is promoted through group discussions which encourages self-learning and ensures the development of higher order thinking skills.

Application of concepts learnt, field trips, out- reach programmes help in the development of life skills.

Class room Activities

The classroom interaction gets more productive and takes to sharing of information, activities, perform more textual exercise, and clarify deeper concepts which in turn trigger off the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) of the students.

The class activities may vary based on the subject but overall it turns to be concept learning, peer review, project based and ultimately perfect knowledge delivery along with knowledge acquisition.


The Co-scholastic activities include Games, Art, Craft, Indian and Western Music, Dance as well as afternoon activities like Yoga, Karate and Clubs. Value Education is woven into all the above mentioned subjects.


Yoga creates a perfect balance between the mind and the body. Students have the option to undergo training in yoga under the tutelage of a yoga instructor. Yoga classes are held once every week after the school timing for an hour.



Karate is a form of martial art that disciplines the mind and trains the body in mastering self-defense. Karate classes are conducted by a trained Sensei once every week for an hour after school.